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Mono County Health Department and Mammoth Hospital

March 24, 2020 – A positive COVID-19 test result was received late March 23, a specimen collected seven days earlier from a young positive COVID-19 test result woman with an influenza-like illness (fever, body aches and cough). She is Mono County’s second confirmed COVID-19 case and she has fully recovered. Since the onset of her illness she has been appropriately self-isolating, minimizing the risk of transmission to others.

This case has no apparent link to our first case and demonstrates again that community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring. In addition, two other Mammoth Lakes area persons were hospitalized over the weekend with suspected coronavirus infection, with results pending.

Most people with COVID-19 have mild disease, as in the case announced today. The risk of severe disease requiring hospitalization is most likely between 5 – 10%, so that for each person hospitalized
there are many other unrecognized cases in the community.

The pandemic is here and it is poses an immediate threat to our community, especially vulnerable people and our hospitals. We are urgently trying to avoid replicating in California the terrible scenes
from Italy and Wuhan City of hospitals unable to provide care to those who need it, and many deaths.

Every one of us has a responsibility to reduce the spread of this virus. Please comply with California’s order to “Stay At Home” except for essential activities. And if you are sick, please do as this young
woman has done and stay home and avoid others.

Please utilize the resources below for information about the coronavirus.

Call: 211 | Website: | |