It is easy to forget in the midst of this current coronavirus pandemic that throughout history all sorts of pathogens inhabit our world. We live with most of them without harm for the most part. But then something comes along new, something for which we have no natural immunity. In the case of COVID-19, not only do we not have natural immunity, we do not have a vaccine for it either.

However, while we do have a vaccine for influenza (flu), doctors fear that the combination of both COVID-19 and the flu could prove a deadly combination. They refer to it as a ‘Twindemic.” Health authorities are strongly urging everyone to get a flu shot this year.

And flu isn’t the only other virus out there. Even common cold viruses could prove serious in combination with the coronavirus.

Sierra Wave came across this visual resource information offered on the topic from the University of South Dakota. Great visual graphics and easy to understand explanations of all the things out there that can, and in some cases, do harm us and how they work inside the body.

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